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» How could I deposit money?
» How do I know that the guru will not run with my money?
» How much do you charge a webmaster?
» How much does it cost to publish a featured project?
» How to post a project?

How could I deposit money? Top...
Via Paypal, very fast and efficient. We are paypal verified. Or by mail sending us a check.If you would like to wire transfer we will upon request give further details

How do I know that the guru will not run with my money? Top...
use SafeTransfer: GuruLance provides users with SafeTransfer payment options to help projects get completed smoothly. Webmasters can set aside a specific amount of money into a SafeTransfer at GuruLance, for a specific guru. Both users can then view the payment in the safetransfer account, but only the webmaster can complete the payment, from the safetransfer account to the guru. The guru is the only person (other than GuruLance staff) who can cancel this escrow payment. This gives each party half of the control over the money in the safetransfer account. If a fraudulent transaction does take place report it to us via the contact us page and we will investigate the claim and if we fin sufficient evidence we will suspend account of the concerned. If the project gets completed, the webmaster can transfer the money from the safetransfer account to the guru. If the project is cancelled amicably, the guru can cancel the safetransfer payment and the money will return to the webmaster's account. If there are any disputes over a project, GuruLance staff must be contacted before any money can be moved from the safetransfer account. GuruLance encourages its users to send and receive money with the safetransfer system, because it's another great way to make sure everyone gets what they want from a project. To manage your safe transfer payments, login to your account. The safetransfer menu is underneath the project list.

How much do you charge a webmaster? Top...
Fees to be released at a later date at the moment is is a flat US$2 to list a project!

How much does it cost to publish a featured project? Top...
There are different type of projects. A Featured Project will likely have more bid as guru's are not charged a percentage of the project. The cost for a webmaster is of US$10.

How to post a project? Top...
You will just need to create an account or if you have an account login and click on "Create Project" button this will take you to the requested area.

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