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Project: Mailgust   
Chosen GuruLance Programmer: Romania shadowman

Status: Closed 29 May 2003 @12:38
Created: 29 May 2003 @01:00
Expiry date: 03 Jun 2003 @01:00 (expired)
Project Creator: kshumaker Rating: (1 review)
Looking for someone to help me install mailgust ( and get the mailing list feature to work. My host is Project requires limited knowledge of PHP / MySQL and solid understanding of sendmail.
Job Type:
  • PHP
  • Operating System: Linux

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    GuruLance Programmers Bid Delivery Time of bid Rating
    Romania shadowman (GuruLance Programmer) $ 1 1 day 29 May 2003 @08:50
    (2 reviews)
    Comment: Hey sir! I have downloaded the mailgust myself and I have installed it on MY server at: and I have iPowerWeb as host also! I can do yours in a matter of seconds! Thank you, CIP Senior software developer
    Russia cc-cat (GuruLance Programmer) $ 3 1 day 29 May 2003 @08:40 (No Feedback Yet)
    Comment: It's simple work for 1-2 hours.

    My raiting is empty,because i'm newbie on gurulance. But I can do more then just a bla-bla-bla

    P.S. Hi all from St.Peterburg
    United States Richardm (GuruLance Programmer) $ 30 1 day 29 May 2003 @07:13 (No Feedback Yet)
    Comment: Assuming your hosting offers smtp, I can have this set up in an hour or less from the moment the job is confirmed. If it is not installed in the timeframe specified, or you are otherwise unhappy with the installation, no payment is expected.
    Argentina thomasv (GuruLance Programmer) $ 50 1 day 29 May 2003 @01:12
    (1 review)
    Comment: I can start tomorrow, i have a lot of experience with this kind of software and with PHP. I assure you that in one day i can have it working flawlessly. Thanks a lot, Thomas. Please look at the board, i left a message with a question for you.
    United States joe (GuruLance Programmer) $ 50 1 day 29 May 2003 @02:49 (No Feedback Yet)
    Comment: Can be set up in 1 day if you have access to an SMTP server and have the POP account already set up. I've already set this software up on my own server and it took approximately 1 hour.

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